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Tech Expert Guys, Apple MacBook iMac laptop gaming computer repair around me

We can fix your Pc, Laptop, MacBook & iMac

The computer is your home’s command central.Whether your looking to set up, secure or repair your laptop, PC, gaming computer, MacBook & iMac, we’ve got the know-how, tools and dedication to get the job done.

Our Hardware Repair Services

A lot is going on inside your PC, Apple, MacBook, and things may stop working the way they should from time to time. Maybe your machine is running slow. Maybe your Wi-Fi no longer turns on. Perhaps you start seeing black-screen, blue-screen errors and don’t even power on. Perhaps the system will not boot up, or your computer is not performing as you feel it should. The possibilities of what can go wrong with PCs are endless, and it may be hard to know what needs to be done to fix your issue.

We can help you with any kind of service so that you’ll know just what your computer needs to get healthy again. If any other type of issue surfaced on your PC’s screen, simply use our contact form to get in touch with us, and we will give you an evaluation on the cost of repair.

PC Repair Service

Laptop Repair Service

  • CPU Cooler and Fan Replacement Service
    CPU overheating repairs
    Deep cleaning
    GPU replacement
    iMac Diagnostic Service
    iMac harddrive, disk upgrade
    iMac Hardrive Repair
    iMac LCD Screen Repair
    iMac memory upgrade
    iMac Water Damage Repair
    Memory Upgrade
    Memory Upgrade/Replacement
    PC troubleshooting
    Power up problem
    PSU replacement
    Water Damage Repair/Diagnostics

  • Battery replacement
    Case replacement
    Charger repair
    Cracked hinges or panels
    Deep cleaning
    Fan replacement
    Harddisk SSD, M2 sata replacement
    Keyboard replacement
    LCD display panel
    Logic board replacement
    Motherboard repair, replacement
    Ram, memory replacement
    Screen replacement
    Water damaged
    Other hardware issues…

Tech Expert Guys, Apple MacBook iMac laptop gaming computer repair around me
Devices We Service:
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Why Choose Tech Expert Guys
Hardware Repair Services?

We are always training to perfect our service so that we can offer the very best in customer care to all our clients. Therefore we provide the best possible service, fixing any computer problems in the shortest space of time possible.

Quick Repair Process

We will diagnose your issues, provide you with options and provide service in a short time. Most of the services below are repaired within hours and in most cases the same day!

30 Days Warranty

We offer a 30-day limited warranty for our services.

Friendly Service

We have built our reputation on the attention to detail and our loyal service to our customers

20+ Experiences

We pride ourselves on being a professional computer repair facility.


Yes, we do. We can give support on any Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac.

Unfortunately no. if your printer has a mechanical problem, we can’t help you to fix that kind of mechanical problem.

But we can help you to install your printer at your home or if you have some problem with the printing.

Unfortunately no. We don’t give services to repair cell phone screens repairs, battery repairs, or water damages. 

But if you need any software issues (virus, application issues or others) with your cell phone or tablets, just contact us. We’ll definitely help you. 

That depends on the type of repair you’re having done. If it is a software-related repair, we will usually have the computer back to you the same day you drop it off. If your computer requires a part, we will source the part and complete the repair as soon as the part arrives. This can take 3-4 business days.

A small diagnosis fee will apply should you decide not to go ahead with a repair. We wave our diagnosis fee’s if repairs proceed.

We offer a safe and convenient on-site support as well as traditional in-office or remote support service, providing support for your technology needs/issues.